What Should We Learn From Italy In Coronavirus
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What Should We Learn From Italy In Coronavirus

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Italy is the most beautiful and the most attractive country not only in Europe but also around the world. This country is famous for its history & culture. Rome, the capital of Italy, is home to the Vatican as well as landmark art and ancient ruins; Venice city is known as the city of canals and Milan is known as Italy’s fashion capital. And today, Italy is known for some other reason and that is Coronavirus; an Epidemic that is spreading day by day around the world.

Coronavirus started from Wuhan city in China in December 2019. In the early days, the condition of China was so bad and serious due to Coronavirus and today, China has controlled the situation. Nowadays, very rare China is finding any Coronavirus positive case. But In Italy, the condition is worst. Italy surpassed China in positive cases and in death numbers. Nearly 5,500 Italians have lost their lives due to Coronavirus, compared with less than 3,300 Chinese — even though Italy’s population is barely 4% that of China’s. Almost 60,000 individuals have tested positive for the virus, more than double the number in Spain and Germany.

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Italy was the first European country to discover this epidemic and within 2 months, Italy has been devastated by the virus because the action it took was too slow and too restrained which was not effective to control the situation. As in other countries, some people in Italy downplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus when it was first detected in the country. But after a major outbreak prompted the government to impose lockdown, all that has changed.

There are several possible reasons for the severity of Italy’s outbreak.

  • The population of Italy has a very old population, with a median age of around 45 years and older people are hit hardest by the virus. The median age of those who have died from the virus in Italy is just short of 80 years old. Cultural factors may have also played a role. In Italy, different generations tend to spend more time together, often under the same roof, which may have helped facilitate contagion to the elderly.
  • The northern region of Italy, Lombardy has been the hardest hit. Almost two-third of official deaths and nearly half of all registered cases come from this area. The northern region plays a major role in the country’s economy and this region also has strong commercial links with all over the world including China. At the starting of this outbreak, there was no lockdown and no awareness about coronavirus so this could be a big reason for this outbreak because, at that time, the factories and industries were working normally. The population of that area would not be aware of the social distancing. So it could be a reason.
  • The Italy Government and parents/guardians are also responsible for this outbreak in Italy. They have not taken strict action initially. The Government of Italy didn’t lock down the country when coronavirus was in the first stage or in the second stage. Parents/guardian also not stopped their kids to go to parties and restaurants. If parents keep their kids at home and the Government took some strict action on time, this could be in control.
  • The lack of testing centers also could be a reason. Italy’s population is 60 million. To find out the confirmed cases across countries is very difficult.

So what we learn from Italy – every individual is responsible for this outbreak; we all are equally responsible for this epidemic. So, before the thing goes worst – follow the instruction of the government. Do not go out and make social distancing. If a country’s government is making a decision of lockdown so think of the seriousness. Lockdown means lockdown. If you do not go outside for some days, the world will not stop.

The bottom line is – do not go outside, make social distancing, do not gather in a group and follow the instructions of your government. Remember, there is no medicine and vaccine of Coronavirus, only precaution is the cure.

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