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What Is Naturopathy

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Naturopathy, as its name says that Naturopathy is a natural healing process; healing from the power of nature. It is a system of health care that promotes the body’s self-healing mechanism. Naturopathy is a holistic approach to wellness and supports a person to live a healthy lifestyle. It uses natural therapies such as Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, Physical Manipulations, Colonic Irrigation, Fasting, Exercise, and others. Here are some Naturopathic principles.

Principles of Naturopathy:

Naturopathy is based on some principles and these principles are:

  1. Naturopathy does not harm (Primum non nocere)
  2. Naturopathy know the healing power of nature (Vis medicatrix naturae)
  3. Identify and treat the Causes (Tolle causam)
  4. Doctor as Teacher (Docere)
  5. Treat the Whole Person (Tolle totum)
  6. Prevention (Praevenic)

Naturopathy is based on the 5 great elements of nature and these are:

  1. Earth – Mud baths
  2. Water – Hydrotherapeutic methods in the form of Baths, Jets, Douches, Packs, Compresses, Immersions
  3. Air – Breathing exercises, Outdoor walking, Open-air baths
  4. Fire – Sun baths, Thermoleum baths, Magnetised water, Colour charged oils/water
  5. Aether – Fasting therapy

These all five elements are the healing power of nature that supports and stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself.

Here are some Naturopathy Therapies in detail:

Mud Therapy: Mud is one of five elements of nature and mud therapy is a very simple and effective treatment modality. In this therapy, mud is applied either partially or completely over the body to get the desired therapeutic effect. The mud used for this should be clean and taken from 3 to 4 ft. depth from the surface of the ground. There should be no contamination of stone pieces or chemical manures etc. in the mud. Mud Therapy removes the dead skin cells and extracts out the harmful toxins stored up in the skin. It also gives relief from stiffness, intense pain, and swelling around the affected area.

Hydro Therapy: – Water has great healing properties that can be used internally and externally in any of its forms (water, ice, steam); additionally uses its temperature effects, as hot & cold baths, saunas, wraps, etc. Drinking a specific amount of water also has therapeutic effects. Hydrotherapy boosts the immune system, thus enhancing its efficiency. It also hydrates body cells while improving skin and muscle tone. Hydrotherapy increases the metabolic rate and digestion activity.

Air Therapy: – Air is the sole of human beings. We can live without water and food for a few days but we can’t live without air. Our lungs absorb oxygen from the air and that oxygen enters our blood cells which makes energy. All need to breathe fresh air daily for at least 20 minutes or longer. It involves a hundred muscles when a person takes breath one time. If you take fresh air daily, your body’s skin becomes healthy, soft, and flexible. It also helps in curing conditions of neurasthenia, nervousness, and skin disorders.

You can also read about Pranayam (प्राणायाम)

Sunbath Therapy: – The sun is an important element of our nature. It gives us energy. The sunlight helps to regulate the natural rhythms of our bodies. Sunbath can heal numerous skin diseases and cure many health diseases. It helps to regulate the melatonin hormone which is released by the pineal gland of our brain. This hormone regulates our sleep-wake cycle. Sunbath also helps to improve blood circulation and eliminates toxins from the body. Sunbath is also good for our bones as it provides Vitamin D which is necessary for the absorption of calcium by the bones.

Diet & Fasting Therapy: – Food therapy also include in Naturopathy. A proper and balanced diet is required for everyone. It gives us energy and in the meantime, fasting is also important. Fasting is an important treatment modality for health preservation. Junk food and fast food always harm our body that may increase the chances of many health conditions. Food therapy which includes diet and fasting can improve your wellbeing and give benefits to biological pathways that directly affect metabolism and potential longevity.

There is many more Naturopathy treatment and these are:

  • Aroma Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Magneto Therapy
  • Physio Therapy
  • Acupressure
  • Acupuncture
  • Zero Balancing
  • CranioSacral Therapy

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