How Well Does Hand Sanitizer Work_ Myths And Facts In The Hand Sanitizer Vs. Soap Debate

How Well Does Hand Sanitizer Work? Myths And Facts In The Hand Sanitizer Vs. Soap Debate

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Cleaning hands to stay protected from viruses and flu has become a daily routine part of everyone’s life.

Soap and water or hand sanitizers play an important role to clean your hands and keep you healthy and hygiene. They help us to fight against germs and bacteria and decrease the chances of falling sick.

Sanitizers and soap both have different properties and their own way to clean hands. But the fact is that sanitizers are used as a substitute of soap and water.

When it is hard to find soap then sanitizer can be used as an alternative to clean hands. Researchers and doctors always advise to wash hands properly to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy. For a clean surrounding and a healthy environment proper care and precautions are necessary. 

Comparing soap and sanitizer is not the way to know its efficiency. It’s effectiveness depends on how and when you use them. Let’s discuss some myths and facts regarding soap and sanitizer.

Cleaning Hands with Sanitizer:

It is recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that using alcohol based sanitizer can destroy microbes and dust present on your palms in just seconds.

Alcohol has been used as an antiseptic to kill germs and bacteria since ages. A sanitizer that contains more than 60 percent of alcohol can kill up to 99.99 percent of germs and bacteria. It decreases the chances of getting affected by viruses and flu. 


All sanitizers give you the same satisfaction.

Fact: Many people think that all sanitizers are the same and they work equally. First of all, you need to know which types of sanitizers are there in the market. There are two types of sanitizers available in the market.

One is alcohol-based and the other is non-alcohol based. Both of them are used on a daily basis to clean hands, but when it comes to effectiveness then the one that contains alcohol is more effective.

It has a higher ability to kill germs as compared to the other one. The non-alcohol based is mostly preferred by school and college going students where cleaning hands is needed twice or thrice a day.

People working at workplaces such as hospitals and offices need to use alcohol based sanitizers as they have to touch so many things in a day.

The documents and equipment used by the staff are touched by so many people in a day, so to keep oneself protected from hygiene self-precaution is necessary.     


Sanitizers should be used only when water and soap is not available.

Fact: It is advised to use sanitizers as an alternative to soap, but it doesn’t make sanitizer less effective.

If your hands are not very dirty but you need to take a cure before going to any public place or touching any document then sanitizers can give you proper satisfaction.

If you are visiting the nearby market, grocery store or supermarket then you can use sanitizer to clean your hands before buying anything or touching anything in the market or store.

Using it can decrease the chances of getting affected by germs and bacteria. It is everyday used in hospitals and clinics as there are so many patients and staff and there are higher chances of getting affected by germs.

 Washing your hands with soap and water is the best way to destroy germs but it can totally be effective when your hands are not so dirty and you need to clean them urgently. 


It can protect you from all types of germs. 

Facts: Sanitizer kills small microbes and germs but it is not helpful to kill all types of germs. If your hands are oily or greasy then hand sanitizer dispensers sanitizer cannot work there.

You need to clean your hands properly with soap and water and rub them for at least 30 to 40 seconds so that all the dirt gets cleaned. If your hands are soiled then you should clean them with soap and water properly. When you are at home then you have all the things to clean the hands.

Always prefer to wash your hands with soap and water when you are at home. After cleaning the household things or before preparing to eat and entering the kitchen first wash your hands and then start to work.

More hazardous germs can be killed with the use of soap and water. The best thing about sanitizer is that you can take it anywhere and use it anytime. 

Sanitizers work well at places where the number of people are more. If you are travelling in public transport then use of sanitizer and face mask is a must.

The chances of getting affected by viruses and germs are high in public transports like buses, trains and cabs as so many people travel in the same transport in a single day so to be careful is always the first priority.

It is not possible to use soap and water every time you touch the public transport so carrying a sanitizer in your bag and using it at the time when you touch things is necessary equipment. It works as an antiseptic for germs and bacteria.

The matter is not how many times you use soap or sanitizer in a day, the thing is that how precariously you are using it. Using it several times in a day is good but making proper use of it is more important. 

How to Use Sanitizer:

Use sanitizer before touching any office premises or your workplace equipment. Take a drop of it and rub it on both of your palms covering all your fingers.

Rub it for 20 to 30 seconds or till it gets fully vanished. Use a foam-based sanitizer or the one that contains moisturizer in it.

If your sanitizer does not contain moisturizer then apply a cream or  moisturizer to your hands to keep them soft. When you use sanitizer many times in a day then there are chances that your skin will get dry so to protect the dryness moisturization is also necessary.

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