How To Overcome Fear & Anxiety
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How To Overcome Fear & Anxiety

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Fear is a normal reaction that warns our body & mind to be careful and when fear and anxiety become a pattern in our lives, they become a big problem. Presently the same is happening in the Covid-19 pandemic. People are living fearfully, stressed, and anxious. Although everyone is taking extra precaution but still many people are afraid.

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions that directly connected with our body and mind. Sometimes fear is good but most of the time, fear is very dangerous for our wellbeing. It is affecting your ability to eat, sleep, concentration, confidence, etc. When you feel frightened or seriously anxious, your mind and body work very quickly. These are some of the things that might happen:

  • Your heart beats very fast – maybe it feels irregular
  • You breathe very fast
  • Your muscles feel weak
  • You sweat a lot
  • Your stomach churns or your bowels feel loose
  • You find it hard to concentrate on anything else
  • You feel dizzy
  • You feel frozen to the spot
  • You can’t eat
  • You have hot and cold sweats
  • You get a dry mouth
  • You get very tense muscles

Here are some tips for getting rid of fear and anxiety disorders in your life.

Understand and face the fear: – The first step is the hardest step. First, you need to understand the fear then only you can defeat it otherwise you can’t overcome hidden fear. If you always avoid situations that scare you, you might stop doing things you want or need to do. You must face it. This awareness helps you overcome it.

Know yourself: – When you lose your self-confidence, fear will control you so when you feel frightened; count your blessings and think positively. This will help you a lot to build your confidence and to fight with fear because you are the only person who can fight and defeat your fear.

Think long term: – Sometime people are avoiding their fear but if you look for longer-term, it is always good to fix your fear or problem because might be your fear is for the short term and you are stretching it. Thinking about the long term will help you more objectively and it will come up with the right decision.

Educate yourself: – We are afraid of nothing so much as the unknown. It is perfectly matched with our present time (Covid-19 pandemic) because most of the cases are increasing just because of a lack of information. Based on the situation, you need to educate yourself rather than speculation. If you educate yourself; half of the battle you already completed.

Visualize success: – Visualization is a very strong word. Just think that what an Army person is thinking when he is fighting a war or what an Athlete is thinking just before its game. They all are visualizing their successes. This practices mapping your mind and boosts you.

Get help: – Do not be afraid to get help from others. No one is here on this planet that can do anything alone. Everyone needs someone’s help so do not be shy and afraid. Might be that another person already faced the same problem and they the solution.

Follow others: – Are you doing something that has never been done before then follow someone who has accomplished it before. This practice will make you strong and confident to overcome your fear.

These are some tips that can overcome your fear and anxiety. Also, listen to your inner and give some time to yourself. Do not allow fear to dominate yourself; fear and anxiety are always temporary. Identify ways to create a sense of personal control or mastery in your life. And finally, even if you are challenged by fear, don’t ignore other parts of your life. It is possible to find wellbeing in relationships and purpose even while working on security.

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