How to know if my employee is working from home

How to know if my employee is working from home?

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The current health crisis has pushed all the people in homes, and people are currently practicing social distancing. This is the reason for most of the offices are closed, but the working is still in process from home.


However, most of the employees are thinking that it is a vacation, and they do not have to work same as to work in the office. But that is not quite the most appropriate thing why you are and call in time. Companies have to work so that they can create revenue and so that they can pay their employees. However, if their employees are not working satisfactorily, the company will have to lay off their employees. However, some employers have found the solution to the problem of low productivity and employees not working in the same office hours. The employee monitoring app is the solution to the problem that employers and most big organizations are facing. This monitoring application is not to question the credibility of the employees but to see if they are working properly or not while they are staying at home.

If you think that how this employee monitoring application will help the employers to track the performance of the employees stuck at home due to the situation of COVID-19?  The Ogymogy application provides the employee monitoring app that works incredibly to keep an eye on the employee. It has become one of the best monitoring and tracking software for the employers. The employers and now widely using these tracking applications to make sure their employees are working while they are still at home. You can also check the features of this employee monitoring application to see how useful and beneficial it is to track the activities of the employees.

What features of this employee monitoring app are extremely helpful?

Below are the features of this employee monitoring app that you should use and explore. Make sure that your employees are working properly by using each one of these features.

 Use the mic bug feature.

 You can easily turn on the microphone of the targeted PC and use the windows mic bugging application and hear the sound of the surrounding. This will provide you with the idea of what your employees are doing or planning to do.

Check the activity log.

By using this employee monitoring application, you can check the activity log of the targeted device and see the employee work. You will see the uses of the targeted device and how it has been used on various platforms.

Check the browsing history of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

The history evaluation has important as that why you are working. As an employer, you can check the history of the employee on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to see what your employer is up to and what he has been browsing all day while he was at work.

Block some of the inappropriate websites

You can increase the productivity of your employees exponentially by using the blocking feature of the websites on this monitoring application. You can block the websites that are inappropriate and not productive for the employees on the working hours. This will help the employee to concentrate more on the work and less on his social life.

Why is Ogymogy employee monitoring application worth having?

This software has some incredible features that are worth exploring. You will not only have the liberty of exploring the features as an employer, but you can also use this application if you are a parent. This application for tracking and monitoring has been a handy application that can be used remotely to see the photos and videos on the targeted device. You can also get the reports of the targeted device about the uses of a particular application and activities. You can also track the device location using this monitoring application, which has been amazing as not all the applications are capable of tracking the exact accurate location.

Wrap up

The best employee monitoring app by Ogymogy has been a lifesaver for most employees who are going through the issues of, and productivity from their employees was staying at home. This health crisis has been a setback for most of the companies and organizations. But these organizations are trying to run forward and making a lot of effort to generate revenue.

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