How to Improve Communication Skills – Part 1
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How to Improve Communication Skills – Part 1

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What is Communication?

All the living things on this planet are connected via communication whether it is a human being or animal or trees. They all can communicate very well. Transferring of information is called communication and this transfer of information could be from one place to another place or one person to another person or group. It is a two-way process which involves a sender (speaker), a recipient (listener) and information (message) and it involves your emotions and feelings also.

“A lot of problems in the world would be solved if we talked to each other instead of about each other.” Nickey Gumbel

What is Communication Skill?

Communication is an act of conveying information from one to another and effective communication is when the message conveyed by the sender is understood by the receiver exactly the same way as it was intended. It’s called communication skills which is a type of quality of a human being. Communication is very important in our everyday life; at work or home, we interact with others. Some people are communicating very well and some are not good in communication. Those who have good communication skill attracts many people. If you noticed, all the leaders have this quality. They all are good in communication, they all can deliver their thought to others very well, they all can convince others very well. At the time of the interview, the employer sees how you communicate well and how is your communication skill because in today’s environment, those who have good communication skills, they can only survive well.

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Type of Communication:

We do communication in three different types.

  1. Verbal Communication: – Where we use words to convey a message either face to face or with any medium is called verbal communication. In simple words, we are talking in our language is verbal communication.
  2. Non-verbal Communication: – This is just opposite of verbal communication. No words or no language used in this communication. You can convey your message via facial expressions or hand gestures or postures or your appearance only.  
  3. Visual Communication: – It includes signs, maps, diagram or drawings to convey messages or information. Imagine that you’re on vacation in a foreign city, and you get lost while driving. If you were at home, you could stop and ask someone for directions. But here, you don’t speak the language very well, so asking directions won’t do much good. Instead, you can rely on a map, using landmarks, routes, and familiar signs, which successfully lead you back to your hotel. In this scenario, you have found your way back almost entirely through visual communication.

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Why effective communication matter?

If you want to succeed in your relationships, at your workplace or across your lifetime; effective communication has an important role. Effective communication means, you can explain clearly to your audience and can answer their questions. Effective communication can help to foster a good working relationship between you and others. Effective communication skills are fundamental the essentials to achieve success in life.  As many jobs require strong communication skills and people who have taken steps to improve communication skills usually enjoy better interpersonal relationships with friends and family. Here are a few points to under why effective communication matters.

  • It is key to enter in others’ hearts.
  • It solves problems more easily.
  • It creates harmony and trust, which leads to good work relationships and productivity.     

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