How to Develop Our Personality
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How to Develop Our Personality

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We have seen in a lot of movies that there are two brothers with different characters. One is a Police Inspector and the other one is a criminal. Even though they got the same environment in their childhood, ate the same food, played together, but they have different characters with different qualities. It’s called personality which makes you different from the crowd. We can see these differences everywhere; in our society, in our community and even in our family. For example Amitabh Bachchan and his younger brother Ajitabh Bachchan, Mukesh Ambani and his younger brother Anil Ambani, etc. etc. Remember, your personality makes you different from the others.

What is Personality?

Personality defines the way of thinking, the way of listening and the way of reacting. It defines your quality and your character also which build your image in your society. In other words, basically, it is how one attracts others through his deeds and words.

When we say that someone has a “good personality”, it means that person had many qualities with a good character which is likable and interesting for others. Swami Vivekanand, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, APJ Abdul Kalam Azad, etc. they all are different from others because of their great personality and good character, they all are likable in our society.

A survey shows that the success rate is higher for those who have a pleasant personality with a positive attitude. It all depends on how you deal with any problems, how you react, how you interact, and how you think about the solutions. It is your personality that determines whether people are attracted to, or shy away from you. The people tag you with your appearance and personality; like cool, shy, bold or weak.

How to Develop Our Personality?

Personality development doesn’t mean that someone dressing sense is good or that person had good command over the English language whether in writing or communicating. Personality development doesn’t mean to add up a new ability in you. Personality development is an all-round development of you. It is a process to find out your best version in you. You can develop your personality by making good relations with others with effective communication. It depends on how you learning and accepting new things and how your attitude then you can find your best version. It is just like brushing of our abilities towards our development.

Personality development cannot happen in a day but it is not a rocket science also. We need to invest some time and need to have some patience. The little things that you do or take the effort to do can have a huge impact on your life. There are multiple characteristics which need to be worked.

Here are some personality development tips which can help you to develop your personality.

Who am I and what I want to be?

First, you understand about yourself. Who you are and what you want to change in you. Everyone knows about their quality and bad habits. If you analyze this thing, the half battle is done. Your desire is your first step; your self-evaluation is the second step and the third one is required action. You better know where you want to change. It is very necessary to be yourself then only you can take any decision for yourself.

Do not compare with others

You are here for a reason not for comparison. Everyone on this planet has some quality which cannot be compared. If you compare yourself with others, you bring your self-esteem down. You should understand that the other person also has some qualities which are also not comparable with you. Might be you can sing a song better than Lata Mangeshkar or Mohammad Rafi but you cannot compare yourself with them. Do not try to be a carbon copy of someone, make your different position otherwise you will lose your dignity.

Be kind to yourself

Can I ask one question to you? Have you ever appreciated yourself or have you ever congratulate yourself?

And the answer is No. From childhood, we are taught to be kind to others but we never kind to yourself. This is wrong. Studies show that self-compassion brings positive traits like optimism, extroversion, wisdom, happiness, positivity, and resilience. Making mistake is one step towards success, recognize that mistake and enjoy on every failure because you are you. You have taken a good experience from mistakes or failure. Do not be hard when you commit a mistake, be kind to yourself. Learn from mistakes and go ahead.

Have a positive attitude

Do you want to spend time with those people who have negative thoughts, those who always complaints, those who always see problems, and those who always looks sad and dull? No, no one wants their company. It is better to live alone.

There is a proverb, ”Positive attitude can change your life.”Have you ever noticed that those who have a positive attitude, they attract many people. Sandeep Maheshwari, Vivek Bindra, Shiv Khera, and many more personalities are the live examples. Spend your time those who have a positive attitude; make your circle of those people who have their positive aura, always try to be with people who see the positive in life and always avoid doubtful and pessimistic person, they are the only burden on you. This will definitely help you to change your personality.

Be Confident

This is the most important factor to improve your personality. Your confidence reflects your character, your attitude, and your passion. And confidence comes from the relationship you have with yourself. Do not develop inferior complex within you, it will reduce your confidence level. Do not think and compare about your physical appearance or your financial status; confidence is an individual’s biggest strength.

You should be confident about who you are. Being confident will help you to express yourself and stand amongst the crowd. The confidence in your eyes, the sternness in your voice and your body language are all that counts for the right kind of personality. So be confident and have confidence in others as well.

Be a good Listener

There is a proverb, ”You see pain with your eyes, but you sympathize with your ears. Sometimes the greatest way to serve someone is just by listening. Behind every need is a story.” I think this is enough to understand this point.

Listening to others is a very big task because we all are trained in telling our story not listening to others story. Try to be a good listener as listening is a very essential part of communication. This will help you to see things from the eyes of others. Do not disturb in between when you are listening and make them realize that you are listening. This will help you to change in your personality.

Be a good learner

This factor is very important. Always have a learning attitude. Read books, see good movies, spent time with intellectual people so that you can learn something. Always try to learn new things, explore new things so that you minimize your mistakes. Remember, a baby can also teach us so do not underestimate anyone and try to learn anywhere and from anybody. It will help you lifelong.

Be a good communicator

Good communicator means you are able to deliver your messages to your audience clearly; it could be verbally or could in writing and you are able to read your audience also. It’s one of the key ingredients of success. Open hands, good eye contact, smiling face, good posture, respects for others; these are some qualities of a good communicator. The way you speak reflects your personality so think twice before you speak. Learn to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone then you will see that you are attracting people. A good communicator can lead the society, community, country or the world.

Have a helping attitude

Those who help others, they are different from others. I think you understand everything because if you are helping someone, your confidence will be high and people will see you with respects. Helping attitude is one of the best quality because we are a human; living in a society. Everyone need others help and if you do not have this quality, who will talk to you, who will pay attention to you, who will listen to you. Everyone loves those who help others when they need.

Stay Calm & Cool

This is one of the biggest quality. Being in a hurry all the time will drain your physical energy as well as your mental energy. Although staying calm is very difficult, we lose our emotions when we are in crisis. In such a situation, take a deep breath; your stress will be washed out. Stress may affect our emotions and our body as well. To improve this quality, you need to do some exercise and meditation. These processes again energize you and bring your positivity again which can help you to improve your personality.


This is not the end; there is always much to write because every day we learned something from everyone and learning has no limits but yes, the above some points can help you to improve your personality. We all know that a Proton is a subatomic particle, found in the nucleus of every Atom and Protons have a positive charge. Why not we develop ourselves like a proton that never changes its characteristic. If you are positive, it will surely help you to improve your personality.

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