How To Apply For Driving License in India

How To Apply For Driving License in India

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What is a Driving License?

A Driving License is a document issued by the government to permit an individual to drive a vehicle. The Driving License (DL) certifies that the individual is eligible to drive motorized vehicles like car, truck, bike, bus, etc., without any supervision. Driving License specifies that an individual is well trained and well aware of traffic rules. A Driving License contains a registration number and a passport size photo. It must have a rubber stamp and the signature of the officer-in-charge with the mention of the office, it was issued.

In India, if you are learning to drive, then you should first get a “learning license” after which you can get a permanent driving license.

Difference between Learning License and Driving License:

A Learning License is the first step to get a Permanent Driving License. Without Learning License You cannot apply for Permanent Driving License. A Learning License allows you to drive a vehicle under the guidance of a trained instructor. You can apply for a permanent license 30 days after the learning license issues.

Why Driving License is necessary and what is the use:

The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 restrict individuals from driving motor vehicle without a driving license. The provisions of the act clear that no one is allowed to drive on roads without a driving license. In India, for an individual who wants to drive or ride on roads, a driving license is mandatory. Unfortunately, if you met with an accident and hit someone, it will treat as a crime.  

In India, a driving license is issued by The Regional Transport Authority (RTA) or Regional Transport Office (RTO) of the state.

It is used as an identity proof document. It can also use when we apply for a private or public service and at the time of opening a bank account or for a phone connection. It is also used as a valid age proof document because age is an important criterion to get a driving license.

If you wish to drive abroad, you must first have a driving license in India. Then you are eligible to get an International Driving Permit.

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Types of Driving License:

Personal use:-

  • MC 50CC (Motorcycle 50CC) — Motorcycles with an engine capacity of 50 CC or less.
  • MC Without Gear or M/CWOG (Motorcycle Without Gear) — motorcycles, Scooters without gears.
  • MC With Gear or M/CYCL.WG (Motorcycle With Gear) — all motorcycles with gear.
  • LMV-NT (Light Motor Vehicle—Non-Transport) —Light Motor vehicle that used for personal use only

Commercial use:-

  • LMV (Light Motor Vehicle) — including cars, jeeps, taxis, delivery vans.
  • LMV-TR (Light Motor Vehicle Transport) — for commercial transportation including light goods carrier.
  • HMV (Heavy Motor Vehicle) — a person holding a LMV vehicle driving license can only apply for a heavy license
  • HTV Heavy Transport Vehicle — Heavy Goods Motor Vehicle, Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicle
  • Trailer — a person holding a heavy vehicle driving license can only apply for a heavy trailer license.

How to apply for Driving License in India:

You can apply for Driving License online and offline as per your convenience. Here we are providing both the procedures.

Steps for online Driving License:

  1. Visit Sarathi Parivahan website and select your state.
  2. Go to ‘apply online’ section and select ‘New Learner’s License’.
  3. Select a category, ‘diplomat/refugee/foreigner/physically challenged’, select accordingly and click on submit.
  4. Fill the form with required details and submit it then you will receive an application number on the screen.
  5. Upload relevant documents according to your category, your current photo and scanned signature and click submit.
  6. Choose a convenient date for your driving test by clicking “Appointment for LL Test”. (You will get a confirmation on your phone).
  7. Proceed to payment by selecting ‘application fee’ under ‘E-Payment’ option. Enter your application number and date of birth and then click on ‘Calculate Your Fee’.
  8. Choose the mode of payment, Net Banking/Debit or Credit Card. Once you make the payment, you will receive a confirmation receipt.
  9. At the time of the driving test, you will have to carry your Age Proof and Residence Proof.
  10. After clearing the driving test, your driving license will be sent to your address.

Documents Required for Driving License:

The following lists of documents are required along with the application form (Form 9) when applying for Permanent Driving License:

  • Learner’s License
  • Proof of address: Any one of the following document can be submitted as proof of address
  1. Ration card
  2. Passport
  3. Voter’s identity card (EPIC Card)
  4. Life insurance policy
  5. Utility bills like electricity, telephone bill, gas bill
  6. State or Central Government-issued payslip
  • Proof of age: any one of the following can be submitted as proof of age.
  1. Pan Card
  2. School matriculation certificate
  3. Passport
  4. Birth certificate
  • Driving school certificate (for transport vehicle driving license applicants)
  • All documents pertaining to the vehicle to be used for the driving test
  • Passport-sized photograph

There are many benefits of making an online driver’s license. Some of them are:

  • Save time (Within a few minutes you can submit your application by going online)
  • Save multiple trips of RTO (If you apply online you can get DL in one visit)
  • Reduce inaccuracy (You can make sure that all details are accurate)

How to apply for Driving License Offline:

Follow the below steps to get offline Driving License

  1. Get the application form (Form 1 for Learner License and Form 4 for Permanent license) of a motor vehicle driving license in India from the nearest RTO office.
  2. Fill the form and submit it along with your age proof and address proof. RTO officials schedule your driving license test and pay the fees for the same.
  3. Go to the test center for driving test on the given date and time. After clearing the test, your license will be sent to your address.

Driving a vehicle without Driving License is an offense and in some cases, it is treated as a crime. Driving on road without Driving License is like that you are going in a war without any weapons. Unfortunately, if you hit someone or you hit by someone, the total responsibility is yours. So be careful and make sure that you should have a Driving License and your Vehicle insurance while driving on the road. It will save your life as well as others.

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