How to Apply For Arm License In India

How to Apply For Arm License In India

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Any citizens of India who want to own a gun are allowed to purchase only NPB guns (Non-Prohibited Bore) under the Arms Act of 1959 and the Arms Rules 1962 of India. This Act allows civilians to get a gun license if they have a major threat to their life.

According to Indian Arms Act 1959, Pepper spray and any knife/weapon with a blade less than 5 inch (excluding the handle) is legal and larger than 5 inch (excluding the handle) is considered a sword and is illegal.

Who can get Arm License?

  • The Purposes of Lawful Handgun Ownership: Target-shooting and for personal protection.
  • Handgun ownership is not permitted for the hunting of animals for sport or food.
  • Who have justifiable reasons for self – defense.

Important point before applying for Arm License:

  1. You are at least 21 years old and a rule-abiding tax paying citizen of the country
  2. Your justification to own a gun is valid
  3. Your mental and physical state is sound

How to apply for Arm License in India?

1. Application submission to the Authority:

An application for the grant of license is made to the licensing authority. The application form can be obtained from the District Superintendent of Police (Licensing) of the particular state, or online through the official government websites. Non-metro cities people can apply at the office of their local S.D.M (Sub-Divisional Magistrate).

2. Verification Procedure:

On receiving your application, the police will perform a background check to confirm if there are any past records of criminal activity or an ongoing case against you. In this procedure, the licensing authority calls the Officer in charge of the nearest police station. They check for any criminal record or not and the authenticity of all information declared in the application and then the officer sends the report within the prescribed time.

If the applicant has past criminal records, he/she is not eligible for arms licenses. The police will visit the residential address given by you to confirm your living conditions and inquire amongst your neighbors about your family’s attitude towards them and each other. The applicant must declare all addresses that he/ she has resided during the last 5 years. A verification report will be requested from the relevant local Police Stations at all the addresses provided by you.

3. Grant or refusal of the license:

The DCP will also, conduct an interview of the person who has applied for the license. After the interview, the DCP sends the reports to both the Criminal Branch and the National Crime Record Bureau. The DCP holds all the rights to deny you the license.

The Indian Government introduced a safety training program to prepare and train you in properly handling a gun.

Document required for Arm License:  

  • Copy of Ration card
  • Election card
  • Last 3 years’ I.T. Returns /challan copy/assessment orders
  • Two character certificates from the responsible citizens from your locality
  • Physical fitness certificate
  • Proof of Educational Qualifications (self-attested copies of certificates).
  • Proof of age (Birth Certificate/school leaving certificate)
  • Supporting documents to justify the need for holding the arm for security or for sports etc.

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As per new Arms Amendment Bill 2019, a civilian can get license for only 2 arms.

Important points you may know while applying online:

  • When you filing online application, please ensure that Acrobat Reader is installed in your computer system.
  • Before applying online, keep the scanned copy of every required document in pdf format and photograph in JPG format.
  • After online registration of the application, upload the photograph and take the printout of the application. The signed application form along with the required documents are to be submitted in the concerned issuing authority for further processing.
  • Please note your online registration number for record and future reference.
  • Hiding any facts and submitting false information will lead to the cancellation of such an application.

After getting the arm license, the applicant can contact the dealer for the procurement of the gun. For this, the applicant will have to book a pre-order to get the gun from any licensed shop of their choice.

A gun or arm is still not considered a fundamental right for the citizens in India even if you obtain a license. It will only be valid in a particular district or state depending on your condition. Licenses that are valid nationally (across all states) are issued only upon furnishing a valid reason/need. Please note that you cannot carry a gun in public places and you need to surrender your arms during the election to the nearest police station.

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