Eyestrain Cause, Complication & Tips For Prevention
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Eyestrain: Cause, Complication & Tips For Prevention

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Digital technology has spread rapidly around the world. More than half of the population of the world have mobile phones in their pocket. People are working on computers in the office or at home and for entertainment, TV is always there. But sometimes we are not realizing that how much our beautiful two eyes are taking pains and strains for us. By the end of the day, our eyes get dried and tired, vision gets blurred, and sometimes our shoulder, neck and head pains also starts and behind that, there is only one reason; Our Digital World where we all are prisoners. Not only your eyes; other parts of your body suffers.

What is Eyestrain?

Eyestrain is a common condition. If you are focusing intensely on activity, your eyes may feel tired or irritated. It is more frequent and more common in today’s digital world where every person is directly or indirectly is connected digitally. Generally, eyestrain can be treated with simple, noninvasive methods. If you change how you use smartphones, computers, tablets, and other screens, you can keep from straining your eyes.

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Why do digital devices cause eyestrain?

Our eyes blink 15-20 times in one minute and when we are focusing and concentrating on a digital device while working or playing than our eyes didn’t blink. When our eyes blinking, the tears of our eyes spread in all the corners but when we are not blinking our eyes, our eyes get dried and feel pains and strains. Also, the contrast of text against the background, the glare, and flickering from digital screens can be hard on your eyes.

Other common causes of eyestrain:

  • Holding a digital device too far or too close to your eyes
  • Working or viewing either in too dim light or too bright light.
  • Sitting in a poor posture when viewing or working on a digital device
  • Being exposed to extended amounts of blue light, which is the light commonly emitted from digital devices.

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Complications from eyestrain:

  • Problems with your retina
  • Cataracts
  • Age-related macular degeneration
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Headache
  • Lack of concentration

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Tips for Prevention from Eyestrain:

There are some simple preventive steps that you can do on a daily basis for eyestrain so that you can keep your eyes safe. There is no need to remove any digital device around you but you have to be very strict while doing this. Preventive steps are:

  1. At the time of working on a computer or watching a TV, make sure that the lighting in the room you’re in is bright enough. You don’t want your device to be brighter than the surroundings. Specially, do not use your mobile in dark.
  2. Position your computer screen in a perfect distance. It should not be so closed or so far. The ideal distance is about 25 inches or an arm’s length. The center of the screen should be about 10-15 degrees below eye level.
  3. If you have a sitting job, follow the 20-20-20 rule and what it is. Every 20 minutes, you should look at an object which is at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. It gives rest to your eyes.
  4. Take a break of about 15 minutes after every 2 hours you spend on your devices.
  5. Limit the time or reduced the time spent on a single activity that requires intense focus.
  6. Try putting a humidifier in the room where you most often use a computer or other device and turn down the heating and cooling system.
  7. Use artificial tears to refresh your eyes when they feel dry.
  8. Use eye drops if you need.
  9. If you wear contact lenses, give your eyes a break by wearing your glasses.
  10. Use a document holder to avoid movement of your eyes, neck, and head too frequently while working on a computer.


We have five sense organs; Ear, Nose, Tongue, Skin & Eyes and Eyes are one of the most important sensory organs in our body. Eyes are the gift of God and we can see the beauty of God from our eyes. Those who are not able to see for any reason feel that their life is incomplete. So it is very important to maintain your eye health. If you follow all the above instructions, the problem of your eyestrains may be in control. If not, then immediate contact with an eye specialist. One more thing I want to say to you that try to limit your mobile time because it is making distances between our relations. And please do not give your mobile to kids. It feels very sad when a kid of one or two years of age having eye glasses. Keep your eyes safe and keep your future eyes also.

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