Difference Between Diesel Car & Petrol Car

Difference Between Diesel Car & Petrol Car

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Indian Automobile Industries is turning which is a kind of automobile revolution. It is turning from Bharat Standard 4 (BS4) to Bharat Standard 6 (BS6) from 1st April 2020. The Indian Government also in the race to switch all vehicles in Electric vehicles by 2030. If you are planning to buy a car, I am sure that you have some doubts and confusions in your mind; which car is better – this one or that one; which color is good – this one or that one and which variant should we prefer – diesel or petrol and trust me – it happens with everyone. I was also confused when I planned to buy a car. Every person had their opinion, they can give us suggestions but we are the only one who has to take the final decision. So here we will know more about the difference between Diesel Car and Petrol Car.

Cost of Petrol Car and Diesel Car:

This is the first and foremost criteria to consider while buying a car. The diesel cars usually cost more than the petrol cars. The ex-showroom price between diesel and petrol variants differs from ₹ 1.4 Lakh to ₹ 1.7 Lakhs if a car cost is under ₹ 10 Lakh which is almost 10-13% of the price difference. The cost of registration for the diesel car is also more than Petrol cars.


Mileage is also important criteria to consider and it’s depends on your requirements and uses. If you are not a regular user of your car or if your requirement is only for the short distance travel on a daily basis then petrol car would make more sense whereas diesel cars will give you better mileage in longer distances.

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Diesel engines are more powerful than petrol engines because petrol engines produce better power and low torque whereas diesel engines generate higher power and lower torque. In petrol engines, the power developed is low due to compression ratio whereas in diesel engines, the power is more. There is one more thing is that a petrol engine gives better initial pick-up but lags when there is a shift to lower gears whereas a diesel engine will take time to during the initial pickup but respond well to acceleration in the midst of driving.

Service & Maintenance:

Because the cost of diesel cars is high then obviously the service and maintenance cost also will be high because consumables like engine oil and spares used in diesel vehicles are more expensive. Generally diesel engines are less reliable than petrol engines therefore, over the lifetime of the engine, the diesel motor will probably cost you more in maintenance.


The refinement of diesel engines is lacking in terms of Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) levels compared to petrol engines. But higher segment diesel cars are so refined that you only hear marginal engine clatter on the outside, while noise inside the cabin is comparable to a Petrol car.

Resale Value:

Resale value also plays a major role specially in India. Resale value depends on the condition of the vehicle but because the diesel car’s cost is much higher than petrol cars than resale value also will be high of diesel cars. The depreciation of diesel cars is also lower as compared to the petrol ones.

So now you have all the information about diesel cars & petrol cars and their pros and cons. Now it is up to you which car you want to buy but before buying a car, always do the calculation before investing. The calculation would be financially or about your requirement of a car and then take a step.

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