Best WhatsApp Spy Software for Android

Best WhatsApp Spy Software for Android

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WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular instant messaging app worldwide at the moment. The feature-richness and user-friendliness of the messenger have attracted millions of people across the globe to use it for communication purposes. In this article, we are not discussing the perks of the WhatsApp messenger. Instead, this article is about a spy app that allows monitoring WhatsApp messenger of another person. Whether you are a concerned parent or a suspicious spouse, you may need a spy app to secretly monitor online chats of your loved ones.

 The WhatsApp spy software enables the end-user to keep an eye on instant messages of the object without them knowing. Read on to know how you can use WhatsApp spy solution to read online chats of your concerned ones.

What WhatsApp Messenger is all about?

WhatsApp messenger does not need an introduction. There are millions of people worldwide who are acquainted with this messenger very well. It enables the user to communicate with anyone across the world. The user of the instant messaging app can exchange text, audios, photos, videos, contacts, GPS location, and documents. The app does not charge money and offers services free of cost. However, it uses the internet to perform.    

What is WhatsApp Spy App?

If you want to spy on WhatsApp messenger of another person, you can do this using the spy app for WhatsApp. The advanced monitoring app allows accessing instant messages of someone else without accessing his phone. You only need to install the app on the mobile phone of the person you want to monitor. After that, the app syncs WhatsApp data saved on the phone and uploads it to the online account of the monitoring software. The end-user can sign into the account and can retrieve the uploaded data.

Best WhatsApp Monitoring App

For all those who are looking for the best WhatsApp spy app, we have picked up the most advanced and reliable app for tracking instant messaging app. TheOneSpy monitoring app can be considered as the best app for tracking WhatsApp and many commonly used instant messengers. It is designed for parents and employers to supervise online chats of their children and employees. It lets the user remotely monitor almost all activities performed on the instant messenger.  

Features of Best WhatsApp Tracking App

The parental control app for android phones offers a wide range of high-tech features including screen recording and group chat monitoring. We have discussed all the features below.

Spy on Messages

The monitoring app for WhatsApp lets you sneak into the inbox of another person. It syncs incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages and uploads them to the secret online account. The end-user of the spy app can retrieve these messages anytime by logging into the online portal of the spy app.

Retrieve WhatsApp Media

The photos, videos, and voice recordings exchanged via WhatsApp messenger can be accessed from the secret an account of the WhatsApp monitoring app. It enables the user to retrieve deleted media as well.

Track WhatsApp Calls

The spy software syncs WhatsApp call logs to provide the end-user with detail of incoming and outgoing voice and video calls.

Live Screen Recording

The tracking app for instant messenger offers live and on-demand screen recording. You can capture WhatsApp statuses, contact list and messages of the concerned person by getting the mobile phone screen recorded. The user can send command for screen recording or screenshots via the online control panel of the spy app.

Compatible Devices

The WhatsApp monitoring app works on mobile phones running Android 5+. It is compatible with all popular Android phone brands including LG, Sony, Samsung, HTC, Haier, Huawei, and Motorola. To efficiently run the spy app, you need to root the targeted android phone.  However, when it will remain invisible on the latest Android OS version 10.

Subscription method

The app can be subscribed for a particular period. The price of the app also depends on the subscription period. The one-month purchase costs around whereas; the annual purchase enables the buyer to get it at a discounted price. 


TheOneSpy brings the most advanced and reliable tracking app for WhatsApp messenger and many other commonly used social and communication apps. The high-tech features of the app enable the end-user to remotely access WhatsApp data of another person and capture almost all WhatsApp activities.


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